STEEL CARRYING CASE – Etui za shranjevanje rezila


The True Hockey Skate Steel Pouch boasts a sharp-looking rubber exterior that’s built to handle travel, drops, or a cluttered hockey bag while safely storing your expensive runners. Internally, there are four individual sleeves, allowing players to hold up to two pairs of steel without any of them touching each other.

This ensures your blades are protected and completely game-ready for when you need to switch! On the back, there is an area for players to write their name, steel hollow, and profile too, making things extremely easy for your pro shop technician.

Na voljo po naročilu

Measurement 15″L x 3.5″W
Materials Molded Rubber, Nylon Interior
Included True Skate Steel Pouch
Player Name and Hollow Label
Runners NOT Included
Storage Up to (2) pairs of player or goalie blades


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