TRUE Goalie Glove L12.2


TRUE L12.2 Goalie Catcher contains a 600 cuff thumb, suregrip palm material, a doubled tee pocket for more absorption, and a webbing strap option.

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External Material
The glove is outfitted with jenpro leather, with certain areas getting some extra reinforcement where necessary. The palm area under the cuff has been lined with thick, high-quality SureGrip material for a better, more professional feel.

Break Angle
The L12.2 goalie catcher has a 75° break, also known as the 600 break. A glove break that has slowly been rising in popularity, it gives the glove a larger, more rounded shape and allows the fingers to curl shut and close with ease. This way of closing the glove can feel very natural for many people, but it is still good to try all break angles before deciding which one is best for you. A glove with this break is built flexible and ready to respond to all situations.

Pocket Design
The glove uses a double-T design in the pocket, which may be considered more modern compared to the single-T. Double-T adds more depth to the pocket, making it easier to catch and grip the puck.

Elastic straps with velcro adorn the sides of the glove to keep it snug and in place while you play. The elastic allows the glove to move with you as you open and close it. The webbing strap at the wrist is engineered to hold your hand in place and resist wear and tear.

Cuff Design
Continuing with the cuff, TRUE and Lefevre opted for a more open style to add flexibility and freedom of movement to the wrist area and arm. The cuff is one-piece, which is more modern and stiffer than the two-piece but adds more coverage and protection in the wrist area. It is equipped with Game Ready padding inside the palm area for added protection and a better feel, both of which are important for that sensitive area.

Colors & Customization
The L12.2 hockey goalie catcher is available in a range of stock colours and sizes.



Black/White, Red/White, Royal/White, White


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