Hokejska palica XC9 Junior




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XC9 – The Precision Shooter’s Stick 

Featuring XCORE Gen 2 technology, the best in class 2019 XC9 ACF delivers game-changing performance with a sweet spot that is 3X larger than its predecessor, producing unmatched puck control and optimal puck trajectory for pinpoint accuracy on every shot.  TRUE Hockey’s most dynamic stick to date is available in senior, intermediate and the UFLEX junior line featuring TRUE’s industry-leading fitting system.

Mid Kick-Point

  • Flex point just below the bottom hand with stiffer bottom third of shaft


Improved Flex Profile

Optimized for Accuracy.

  • Improved flex profile for easy loading, resulting in accurate quick release shots.


New XCORE Gen 2 Technology

Engineered for Control.

  • Our XCORE Gen 2 insert has been redesigned and redistributed within the middle of the blade. With a 3 X larger sweet spot, the new insert provides increased absorption and dampens the initial puck impact for greater feel and accuracy.


BRT+ Blade Technology

Designed for Durability.

  • By introducing our BRT+ technology, we’ve produced a lighter, more durable blade, allowing

us to distribute weight into the shaft for extreme impact strength and improved stick durability.


Core Technologies

  • BRT+
  • XCORE Gen 2
  • Axenic
  • Smartply
  • Smartflex

Finish: Grip gloss shaft with matte blade

Shaft Shape: square corner double concave


20, 30, 40, 50

Krivina (Curve)

, ,


Desna, Leva


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